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Sentient.Omnibus was conceived in January of 2021 out of the convergence of many different frustrations. I was feeling that we weren’t doing enough to support artists and filmmakers. I was frustrated that curatorial practice so often divides and segregates Art and Film, fiction and non fiction, this nationality from that nationality, and so on. I was frustrated at not seeing enough of the kind of work that I wanted to see.


Sentient.Omnibus is an experiment that, if successful, we will continue each year with a new constellation of films and filmmakers. This year the words that came together for a theme were “You Us Them.” There is no “I” in the title of this year’s Omnibus and all of the works we invited to join invoke intersubjectivity in form and often in the filmmaker’s or artist's practice. The dynamic dance between inside and outside, compassion and isolation, fear and care is one that we have all been doing this past year. The pieces in “You Us Them” navigate these poles in beautifully varied but consonant ways. Our goal in curating this program was to gather the works in such a way that their proximity to each other would create unexpected insights giving rise to questions and conversation.


As part of the Sentient.Omnibus project we will be hosting monthly public Q&As with featured filmmakers where we can think through form, process, and practice. Participating filmmakers will also be gathering privately on a regular basis as a cohort to engage with each other’s work and think through pressing practical issues that we share.


Thanks for joining us on this journey!


Keisha Knight

Managing & Artistic Director, Sentient.Art.Film


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