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Omnibus Program 2021

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In the Blanks (2016)

Dir. Hee Young Pyun & Jiajun (Oscar) Zhang, 17 min.

Traveling through empty London with the sound of a couple's daily dialogue in different places, the film reinterprets the relationship between people and space.

Learn more about Hee Young Pyun & Jiajun (Oscar) Zhang



La Négresse blanche (2020)

Asia Stewart & Jasi Lampkin, 360 min.

Filmed over the course of a six-hour performance, La Négresse blanche illustrates the epidermalization of whiteness on a Black body.

Learn more about Asia Stewart & Jasi Lampkin



In Full Bloom (2019)

Dir. Maegan Houang, 10 min.

In Full Bloom cuts a deep narrative about a Vietnamese immigrant overcoming the loss of her partner. After her husband’s death, Cecile becomes an agoraphobic hoarder, paradoxically practicing what she loves — gardening — indoors without the help of direct sunlight.


Learn more about Maegan Houang

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A Race to the Bottom (2021)

dir. Charmaine Lee, 6 min.

This is a film to listen to. 

Charmaine Lee performs "Race to the Bottom," a vocal improvisation using microphones, radios, and modular synthesis to reveal an intimate portrait of Lee's polyphonic sensibilities

Learn more about Charmaine Lee



A New England Document (2020)

Dir. Che R. Applewhaite, 16 min.

An essay portrait of two Harvard ethnographers documents their photographic archive anew.

Learn more about Che R. Applewhaite



DOMIS (2020)

Dir. Anna Gustavi, 10 min.

DOMIS is about structure and destruction, power and dominance. The piece references classic art forms within film, theater and storytelling. By using form as a structure, ideations draw question to the root of linearity.

Learn more about Anna Gustavi



The Jump Off (2017) 

Dir. Jovan James, 5 min.


A gay young man in a passionate DL relationship struggles for legitimacy with his closeted lover.

Learn more about Jovan James

A Demonstration_gif_2.gif


A Demonstration (2020)

Dir. Sasha Litvintseva & Beny Wagner, 25 min.


A Demonstration is a monster film with no monsters.

Learn more about Sasha Litvintseva & Beny Wagner

The Triumph of Night_gif_2.gif


The Triumph of Night (2006)

Dir. John Brattin

A young woman is employed as a companion for a wealthy and sickly woman in a large house she shares with her homicidal husband, some weird servants, and a ghost.

Learn more about John Brattin

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Program co-curated by

Keisha Knight, Carla Troconis, and Caroline Xia

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